Here’s a salute to the great Cindy Crawford on news she may be retiring

News reports are spreading that the fabulous 90s supermodel icon Cindy Crawford could be retiring from modeling, as she hits the big 5-0 this month. She’s gonna be 50? You could have fooled me. 

Honestly, she could still probably go a little longer. And maybe she is, because now we’re hearing that news of her departure could be overblown. Still, retirement or no, Cindy is a sure-fire first-ballot induction into the Supermodels Hall of Fame. Move over Lauren Hutton and Cheryl Tiegs, here comes Cindy. 

At almost age 50 Cindy shows that you can be beautiful at any age — even with a mole next to your upper lip. Or more likely, in her case, because of it. 

Of course, Cindy also broke barriers for supermodels because of her ability to cross over into popular culture. As proof of that, and in salute to Cindy Crawford and her great career, here again is her famous Pepsi ad from 1992 — and her remake of the same ad years later for Diet Pepsi. Wow, are we all getting old or what?