Shooting tragedy in La Loche

I was in Saskatoon today for my scheduled day off (for reporting the hockey games last weekend) and on the way home turned on the radio to hear news of a terrible school shooting in La Loche

Five people are confirmed dead and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on it from Davos, Switzerland today. “We all grieve with and stand with the community of La Loche and all of Saskatchewan on this terrible, tragic day.” 

For those readers who may not know where La Loche is, it is far to the north in Saskatchewan, far from any of our major cities and very isolated. It’s about 500 km away from where I am, for instance. Still, this news is a shock because you never expect to hear of instances like this anywhere in Canada. This is the sort of thing you expect out of the ‘States. Not Saskatchewan.

Update: now the RCMP are saying it is four confirmed dead, not five.