Big, exciting blizzard – aka Snowzilla – hitting Washington DC tonight

It must be great to be a reporter in Washington D.C., you never run out of things to cover. 

Not only is there lots of political news, but that region always seems prone to big, epic snowstorms that wreak havoc in winter. As a weather junkie as well as a political junkie, that always appeals to me. 

Tonight, D.C. is being slammed by the big Blizzard of 2016. As you can tell in the YouTube video link, the media in the US is going nuts over this. The Weather Channel has already come up for a name for this system, calling it “Winter Storm Jonas.” That makes this storm sound more dramatic than it is. 

Folks, it is just a blizzard, it’s snow. It’s not like it’s a tornado that will lift your house up and send it to the land of Oz, or a hurricane that will blow your house down and flood your whole community. Blizzards aren’t a lot of fun either; they can knock out your power and make it impossible for you to dig your car out from under all the snow, and all the flights at the local airport get cancelled and the railways get shut down. But you probably won’t lose your house at the end of it all. The thing is, you can deal with a blizzard. Tornadoes and hurricanes, a far different story. 

As for the “name” of the storm, I’ve never liked the Weather Channel’s nonsensical storm names. Personally, I like the Washington Post’s name for the blizzard: Snowzilla. Sounds more fun. 

Anyway, I plan to spend my Friday evening tuned in to the live continuing blizzard coverage from Fox 5 DC, ABC 7, and other places from DC. Fox 5 and the Wash. Post also have live updates. Stay inside there, folks.