Troubling travel news about Cuba from Global News

I am up early this morning so I am going to post this about vacations to Cuba. As you know, I went there in December on Sunwing and things went fine. Anyway, my worried-sounding parents called me up and told me they had seen these awful reports on Global News about travellers who flew Sunwing to Cuba recently and who got violently sick at the resorts there. I notice Sean O’Shea of Global has done stories before about it, really hammering Sunwing Vacations over conditions at this one resort in Cayo Santa Maria where a lot of people got sick.

Personally, I didn’t have any problems with Sunwing or with Cuba during my stay there. But I’m not discounting these reports, either, because I’ve heard bad stories before about illness in Cuba. I’ve seen few negative reports about Varadero, however, up to now — it’s mainly been these other places. And in fact, a lot of the people who were on my flight were repeat customers who’d been to Varadero five or six times before and who love the place. 

So it can’t all be terrible in Cuba for tourists if they get such good repeat business, but I think you do have to be careful about which resort you go to. My best advice is to check out the reviews on TripAdvisor and see what they have to say, and stay clear of the dicey-looking places before booking. 

Any more reports like these latest ones, though, and I think a lot of vacationers will think twice about Cuba. Something clearly has to be done at some of these places.