North Korea, guns, El Niño and other items in the News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere for this Wednesday, and if it seems like I have been miserable here lately, well, wouldn’t you be? In my case, I am coming off a relaxing month of December in which I was able to get a number of days off. Believe me, I needed it.

Now here it is, January, and I am back to covering the news in this frozen and desolate place Saskatchewan. And the news has been depressing beyond belief.

Among the main stories around here this week: a drunk driving crash north of Saskatoon in which a whole family was wiped out. 

Obviously, this story has really started this week on a down note for everyone. So if I have been coming across as cranky and miserable here lately, I think this explains it. Well, that, and my vacation being over. 

Other major stories in the news:

Canada didn’t do so well at the World Juniors this year in Finland.

A fed up President Barack Obama has announced executive action on guns.

Our friends in North Korea are once again doing their part to make the world a better and more stable place by testing a hydrogen bomb. Thanks for nothing, guys.

Here at home, the winter weather is still unusually mild for this time of year, as this monster El Niño continues to rage on

More uplifting news now. The new Baywatch movie continues to take shape and gorgeous model Kelly Rohrbach has been cast as CJ Parker, the legendary role Pamela Anderson made famous in her red swimsuit on TV. And honestly it is an absolute no-win situation for anyone else taking that role on, simply because the previous actress was such a legendary sex symbol of the 90s era. (Sorry, Kelly, but you’re no Pam Anderson.)

In UFC 195 Robbie Lawler decisioned Carlos Condit in what was an epic welterweight title fight.

And here is a story I found interesting — it is about which states are getting the biggest influx of people. It turns out Oregon topped the list of states people were moving to. 

Which is interesting, because by coincidence I know someone here in the city who left her local TV job here to move to — surprise, surprise — Oregon

Their list of top 10 states really didn’t surprise me much — the Pacific Northwest, the Carolinas and sunbelt places like Florida and Texas were all bound to be there. 

As for the states people were moving out of, it was mainly the usual suspects in the Northeast again — New Jersey, New York, etc. etc. All these states with the high taxes and the big regulations, and the big costs of living. New York City may seem like an exciting place, but there are far better places to live in the USA with lower taxes and much better weather. 

That’s it!!