Wow, is Trump’s first TV ad ever bad. Still can’t believe he’s ahead.

Well, finally, at long last, Donald Trump’s arena-filling US Presidential campaign has released its first political commercial on Monday. 

About time, too. I was wondering whether his ads were ever going to show up on Boston TV stations, which have been littered for weeks with commercials from the PAC backing the sinking Jeb Bush campaign, and from the Marco Rubio folks, and the Chris Christie folks, and others, all aimed at New Hampshire. But nothing from Trump, until now.

Just as I expected, though, his new TV commercial is like his whole campaign has been so far: amateur hour-ish, and loaded with Trump’s usual Mexico-and-Muslim-bashing we have all come to expect.

Most controversial was the wall footage supposedly showing Mexican migrants “at our southern border” — except this footage was actually from Morocco. 

You can see for yourself the Trump ad effort below. Seriously, folks, I can’t believe this campaign is actually winning.