Star Wars: The Force Awakens passes Titanic, now set to break Avatar’s domestic box office record! 


Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues to be almost unstoppable in their third week at the box office — so much so, in fact, that the domestic all-time record will likely be theirs by Tuesday night. 

This weekend, it hauled in another ridiculous total of $88.3 million to bring its total haul to $740.2 million, passing Titanic’s haul of $658 million to become the number two domestic record box office overall. All it needs now is another $21 million and it will have topped Avatar’s record as well. 

It took several weeks for both Titanic and Avatar to get to their previous record breaking heights so for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to shatter the domestic record so swiftly, after a little over two weeks, is really astonishing. 

Also, needless to say, The Force also passed Jurassic World‘s $652 million total to win the entire box office race for 2015.

After this week, the one major all-time record left to target will be Avatar’s $2.78 billion international worldwide record box office, and The Force still has a ways to go yet. However, keep this in mind — this movie has yet to open in China. 

That happens Jan. 9, and when it does, wow, expect even more big numbers.