Football is on today! Clemson-Oklahoma and Alabama-Michigan St. in College Football Playoff


I am exiting 2015 by doing what I do best — which is watching football games on TV. Still, I can’t believe these college football playoff games between Clemson and Oklahoma, and Alabama and Michigan State, aren’t being held on Jan. 1 instead of today. Traditionally, it’s New Year’s Eve that is the day of the second-rate, unimportant bowl games, and New Year’s Day is for the first-rate, important ones. 

So for these big and important bowl games, the Orange Bowl and the Cotton Bowl, to be held today is kind of baffling. Anyway, I can’t complain.


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  1. That is strange. There must be a reason. MAybe they figure that people will tune in to the lesser bowl games no matter what on New Years day. Plus the Rose Bowl probably has to be Jan 1st.

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