Rough weather in Texas; blizzards and tornadoes on the same day in the same state

Hopefully for you it was a Merry Christmas. It sounds like it was good weather for a lot of people, as there were record highs throughout the Northeast on Dec. 25. But unfortunately, it was not the case for everyone. 

Texas in particular was very hard hit yesterday with the Dallas area, and Garland in particular, badly hit by tornadoes last night. 

11 people were killed and something like 600 buildings damaged. Tornadoes are almost unheard of at this time of year — usually May is the biggest month for them in Texas, so for this sort of thing to happen in December was really unusual. 

Add to that the fact that the western part of the state was hit by a blizzard the same day — something noticed by viewers to CBS’ hilarious telecast of the Sun Bowl game between Miami and Washington State in usually sunny El Paso. It was hilarious, in part, because they had Allie LaForce interview this shirtless Washington State fan with the snow falling at the Sun Bowl

Unfortunately, what happened in the rest of the state was no laughing matter. The weather this year is crazy.