Just a terrible night on the Las Vegas strip as a car strikes several pedestrians near Paris Las Vegas

Last night one person was killed and 37 more injured when a car struck a number of pedestrians near the Paris Las Vegas casino, not far from Planet Hollywood where this year’s disastrous Miss Universe Pageant was wrapping up. Police are saying this tragedy was an “intentional act.” 

My immediate thought was that it could easily have been me down there. Folks, when I made my decision to pass on Las Vegas and go to Cuba for my winter vacation this year, it was fear of something like this happening that was on my mind. I just did not have a good feeling about a trip to Vegas. I was concerned about terrorism, and concerned about gun violence, and concerned about the general overall craziness of life down in the USA. This definitely falls under “general overall craziness.” All in all, the whole USA seems like a good place to avoid right now.

So that is my thought on that tragedy. As for my thoughts on the debacle that was the Miss Universe Pageant itself, I’ll save those until later.