I gotta say, Bob Barker would never have made the blunder Steve Harvey made at Miss Universe!!

Was that ever the worst show in the history of Miss Universe, or what? Story about the whole night here from the Guardian. 

Like I said, Bob Barker would never have made a mistake like what Steve Harvey made had he still been the host.

But really, when you think of it, Miss Universe 2015 really was a star-crossed pageant from the beginning, starting from the whole fiasco from owner Donald Trump’s comments about Mexicans, followed by the eviction from NBC, followed by the change of ownership and the pickup by FOX. Then at this pageant you had the seizure and injury to Miss Slovenia, and the racist anti-Muslim Tweets that got Miss Puerto Rico booted.

But the mistake host Steve Harvey made on national television — announcing Colombia as the winner, only for him to realize she was actually the first runner up and that Miss Philippines was the actual Miss Universe — was epic train-wreck TV of the highest order. It was also monumentally heartbreaking, because Miss Colombia thought she had won, and everyone watching had thought she won, and she was waving her country’s flag, and so on. And then this happened.

Yes, Harvey apologized and took responsibility for the mixup. But seeing those two beauty queens up there at the end of show, along with outgoing Miss Universe Paulina Vega, was painful and awkward and all the rest. Terrible. 

I am wondering how in the heck the Miss Universe Pageant allowed this mess to happen, because, believe it or not, this isn’t the first time a pageant announced a wrong winner and had to take a crown back at the end of a show. This is the first time it’s happened at Miss Universe, to my knowledge. But you would think this pageant would have learned from the other pageants’ mistakes, and put safeguards in place to absolutely ensure that when Steve Harvey, or any other host, opened their mouths and announced the new Miss Universe, that it would be the correct country. They should have had safeguards that were so safe that not even a chimpanzee or a trained dolphin could have screwed it up. 

As they say, Steve Harvey, “you had one job…”

Of course, to top it all off, the night ended with that scary incident not far from Planet Hollywood where a bunch of pedestrians were mowed down on the Las Vegas Strip by a careening car. 

Seriously, this was about as nightmarishly bad a night for Miss Universe as you could possibly imagine. What a train wreck.