Late night wars update: Jimmy Fallon is crushing it


I noticed a piece this week by famed late-night TV chronicler Bill Carter about the current new era of late night TV. It’s basically about how Jimmy Fallon has crushed Stephen Colbert and everyone else in late night, and it makes a few good points. 

I have ragged before, in agreement with a NY Post article on the subject, that a big problem for Colbert is that his show is full of politics, especially liberal politics. And that is turning people off. 

But there is no doubt another reason he is sinking in the ratings is simply because the competition is too strong. Fallon is just killing it with his energetic style of show. Moreover, you don’t get the sense that Fallon is going to shove politics down your throat to the same degree. It’s mainly about the entertainment and about getting laughs.

And that approach is a good thing, because it is increasingly obvious the people of the USA are seeking relief from the continual media-driven obsession with American politics there. 

Do you know there is yet another Presidential debate tonight, for the Democrats? Yes, that’s right, another one.