NY Daily News nails it! We don’t need more “praying” in the USA, we need action! 

You know, I am getting to be as fed up with the “Religious States of America” as the next person. This cover today of the Daily News nails it — all this religiousity and religious politicking and posturing from all the usual Republicans is doing nothing to stop any of the gun violence. (It’s also doing nothing for the Republican brand, either.)

The gun violence is so bad in the United States that I’m not even going to go there for a winter getaway vacation this year — I just think the USA is too dangerous. Some sort of real action has to be done that will stop the violence, and restore some sanity to life in the USA. I would like to see their politicians quit their talking, and just get on with finding a common sense solution already. I particularly stress the words “common sense”, something I wonder about sometimes with the Democrats.

Having said all that, while gun violence was certainly what happened in San Bernardino, this case does seem different from the other shooting tragedies we have seen in recent years. You cannot ignore the possibility this latest tragedy might have been the work of radicalized homegrown terrorists.