Another horrible day of violence in the USA, this time in San Bernardino

In the newsroom today, I was watching the live coverage today of the unfolding tragedy in San Bernardino, California in which several people were killed in a mass shooting incident at the Inland Regional Center.

At least 14 people are confirmed dead and another 17 are injured. The suspects took off in a dark SUV, and that SUV has since been tracked down and is currently surrounded by a SWAT team right now.

This follows close on the heels of the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs. All in all, these are scary times in the United States with all these shootings. Even in a place like San Bernadino, you aren’t safe.

And again I am forced to repeat a phrase I am using more and more often: “don’t watch the news.” Believe me — tonight, I am turning the news right off. This is simply too depressing.