Poker news: Daniel Negreanu biopic on TSN, and a word about the PokerStars players strike

Here is some poker news to tell you about on this, the first day of December, 2015. 

First of all, a number of the top poker players on PokerStars are going on strike. Yes, that is right, poker is having a players strike!  There is supposed to be this big boycott of the PokerStars site going on for three days this week, and it has to do with some of the changes PokerStars are making to their VIP program and so on. In short, the top players say they hate it and say they are getting the shaft, so they are going to sit out. 

On the other hand, the fish out there are looking at these players and saying “good! Go out on strike! It’ll make it easier for all of us to win on PokerStars the next few days!” 

This is actually a common concern, though. People are saying it’s becoming way too difficult for the average Joe poker player to win anymore at online poker. They say the top players are winning too much, and that it’s hurting the game and depressing participation in it. These folks have a point.  

Anyway, here is a story about the whole situation on PokerNews.

The other thing is that TSN4 is running a documentary tonight called Kid Poker, all about the story of Canadian poker legend Daniel Negreanu. Not coincidentally, this doc runs the same evening of the first day of the players strike. It starts at 8:30pm Eastern, 7:30pm Central time. That’s all I have.