Don’t watch the news: world in crisis with Russia-Turkey tension and World War III talk

The world is a mess. The latest bad news to report is that Russian warplane that got shot down by Turkey the other day. 

Turkey, of course, is mad at Russia for its support of the Assad regime in Syria. Moreover, Turkey is part of NATO. Now, you have a lot of people openly speculating about whether this will drag the whole world into World War III. In our newspaper, our militarily-minded columnist Brian Zinchuk talks about the mess in Syria and what this means. He says things are getting out of hand.

If things get much worse I fully expect the late night shows, which are turning into entertainment-free zones as it is, will be no fun to watch for the foreseeable future. Not that Americans seem in any kind of mood for any humor at all these days (political correctness etc.) but they will definitely be in no mood for jokes if a war breaks out.