Eat a bunch of M&Ms in honour of Kyle Busch winning the NASCAR Chase; plus some words about NFL fans venting about NBC 

The NASCAR season is over and Kyle Busch is the champion after winning the final race yesterday at Homestead-Miami. It caps a comeback year for Busch after he was out injured to begin the season. Personally I’m happy because I’ve gotten to see his Number 18 M&Ms car in person at the giant M&Ms store on the strip in Las Vegas. Great win for the sport.

Now, a few words about NBC’s coverage of the end of the race. This race, unfortunately, was delayed due to wet weather in the Miami area that pushed the start back over an hour, so that meant the end of the race ran up against NBC’s NFL highlight show Football Night in America. NBC opted to stick with the big race on its main network to the conclusion, and as usual Twitter was not happy. The NFL fans rained down on NBC with a barrage of complaints about their favorite football highlights being preempted by NASCAR.

But here’s my take on it: NBC did the right thing. They respected the NASCAR fans and stuck with the championship race to its final conclusion, and did not shuffle it off to NBCSN. NASCAR fans deserved nothing less. 

Unfortunately for NBC, right after the race ended the main network finally switched to Football Night in America, and the victory celebration and the trophy presentation were shuffled off to NBCSN, so that gave NASCAR fans their turn to be mad on Twitter. 

They were going on and on about NBC disrespecting NASCAR by not showing the trophy presentation on the main network, but really, what could NBC do? This was a no win situation either way. No matter what they did, someone was going to be mad on Twitter. And whether NASCAR fans like it or not, they are always going to be outvoted by the NFL fans. Majority rules.

Social media. Ain’t it wonderful.