More media changes: no more gawking at Gawker, as they are going all-politics!!!

Since I am on such a roll tonight ranting about the media, I thought I would talk about the format change at Gawker. 

Nick Denton’s company has had a big overhaul and cut some jobs, and are going to be ditching the gossip and the irreverent news and media obsession at the Gawker site, and will be focusing on politics from now on. 

I notice this article at Breitbart is highly skeptical of this move and basically trashes Gawker Media – it’s pretty funny stuff, actually. 

For me, I have conflicted feelings. On the one hand, the political junkie in me looks at this and says “great!” On the other hand, there was nothing wrong with the old Gawker format. Beyond that, there are lots of political news sites out there — a glut, in fact. 

I kind of see this as yet another example of how politics is taking over every aspect of life in the United States – not even the irreverent blog sites are safe anymore, clearly. Even on these late night shows, it seems like instead of movie stars and comedians, they want to focus on the politicians. 

It’s even gotten to the point where you have online dating sites which hook you up based on whether you are a Democrat or a Republican!! Can’t these folks give it a rest occasionally? It is getting to be all politics all the time down there and even Americans are getting sick of it. No wonder Donald Trump is winning.