FHM and Zoo are done. Lads mags have finally had it!!



It’s over. It’s really over. The two last surviving UK lads mags, FHM and Zoo, have kicked the bucket. And it’s mainly the flight of the males to the Internet that has caused it all. I pretty much agree — lads culture is still alive and kicking to some degree on Internet sites. 

But not on the magazine rack. Not in the least. In fact I think men have basically given up on magazines in general. 

If you are experiencing déjà vu about this news, it is probably because Zoo’s competitor Nuts had already gone out of business, and both had a similar format — lots of Page 3 glamour girls. Zoo’s Australian edition also gave up a short while ago. And FHM’s US edition went belly-up a few years ago, so there was a similar mourning for that. The final cover girl for the US edition was Leeann Tweeden, one of my all-time faves.

The few other guys’ magazines left standing in the English language world are not only also in trouble, but are apparently pulling out all the stops to totally alienate what is left of their readerships. Word of warning to the folks in charge at the US editions of Maxim and Playboy: you’re next.