The news today has been all-around bad

I don’t have a lot to say tonight, but I notice it has been another one of those bad days in the news business, and for the news business.

For one thing, there is all the bad news about layoffs at CTV and TSN hitting local news, radio news, and shows like TSN’s Off the Record hard. Then, there is the bad news about Charlie Sheen. There is the news that Bobby Jindal is out of the US presidential race, which I guess is bad news for Bobby Jindal. And of course, there is the ongoing overseas terrorism situation. Another stadium, this one in Germany, saw a bomb threat and was evacuated before a big European soccer game today. Just now, I find out a couple of Air France flights have been diverted — one to Salt Lake City and the other to Halifax!!! 

And as if my day needed any more bad news, I understand winter weather is finally going to hit us. 

Well, great. All this just makes my evening. It reminds me of the old saying– if you really want to avoid being depressed, then don’t watch the news

Come to think of it, given the cutbacks at CTV today, now you have even less reason to watch the news than ever.