Well, all my big NASCAR viewing plans this weekend were a washout.

As I had said earlier, I had big plans to watch NASCAR and the Chase race from “nice and dry” Phoenix, Arizona this weekend. 

It didn’t go as planned, to say the least, because the weather didn’t cooperate at all in the desert. 

The rains came in Phoenix and it delayed the start of the race — so much so that I was able to get in quite a lot of viewing for both CFL playoff semi-final games in the afternoon. 

By the time evening came, the NASCAR race had still not started and I had planned all along to go to the big James Bond movie Spectre. So I went to the movie. 

Let me tell you — after all that terrorism in Paris recently, going to this movie was not a good way to escape from the world’s problems. (Especially with French actress Lea Seydoux in the cast, reminding you of Paris just by her being in the movie.)

Bottom line is, I went to that and ended up missing the entire NASCAR race, which ended up shortened when the rains came again and was ultimately won by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 

So now, there is just one Chase race left next week in Miami with four guys left competing for the Cup. Hopefully, the weather is better on Sunday in Miami than it was down in Phoenix.