Now, one final venom-filled rant about this miserable Saskatchewan Roughriders season

The CFL season is over for Rider Nation, and for this miserable fan. 

To bring this lost season to an end I served up this venom-filled rant of a column in the newspaper looking back at this terrible Saskatchewan Roughriders 2015 campaign. 

In a nutshell, I basically skewered the “conventional wisdom” we got from the Riders and from the “Riders media” all season. I was sick of the nonstop hype for this team, and sick of continually hearing how this season was the inevitable tradeoff for 2013, and sick of hearing all this whining from Riderville about all the fans being interested in the Blue Jays instead of the Riders. I was probably far more disgusted with all of this than with the actual play on the field. 

Mainly, this column on the Riders season serves as my final parting shot as I can finally set aside my duties as “interim sports reporter,” and get a full weekend off for the first time in weeks. 

And no, I am not going to go out of my way to watch the CFL playoffs this Sunday afternoon. NASCAR is going to be my priority, especially since there are only two weekends of racing left and I haven’t watched nearly enough of it all season.