Who says baseball’s over? Premier 12 going on, plus winter league options for fans to follow

Some misguided baseball fans out there might still be suffering withdrawal symptoms now that the MLB season is over. 

This, my friends, is totally unnecessary. There is still plenty of baseball going on and lots of options if you’re a desperate baseball fan or, alternatively, simply sick of watching football or the NBA.

One of the main tournaments going on right at the moment is the Premier 12 over in Japan and Taiwan, where the 12 top baseball countries in the world gather to see who’s the best. It’s put on by the World Baseball Softball Confederation and runs until the 21st. Unfortunately, a lot of the games are on in the middle of the night, so be ready to either stay up late or watch replays online.

I understand Team Canada is there. Our local baseball player, pitcher Andrew Albers, is on the team and in fact was on in relief in a 5-1 win versus Cuba. So it’s worth following for that reason. Check it out.

If you can’t be bothered with that, the Winter Leagues are on and a lot of their games can be found live on Ustream or YouTube or other places. If you know Spanish, you can follow live streaming audio play by play from the local radio stations in these countries as well. In fact, there’s a station from Cuba on 1180 AM whose signal is so booming that it makes it all the way up here to frozen western Canada, and they have baseball games live.

So, here’s some of the baseball action still going:

My personal favourite is the LIDOM — the Dominican league, which has six teams. This is my favorite simply because the Blue Jays have had so many Dominicans on the roster over the years. Plus, the Dominican Republic seems like a fun country with plenty of beaches and lots of beer (based on what I see from the TV commercials during their games).

Another interesting one — the Cuban Serie Nacional de Beisbol, which has a number of teams going in a season that runs basically all winter. This website provides live coverage of that league and of Cuban baseball in general.

Two others I find interesting are the Venezuelan league, which looks really well organized based on the games I’ve seen on the Internet. As well there is the Liga Mexicana del Pacifico from everyone’s favourite country, Mexico. At least, it’s the favorite winter destination of a lot of people around here.

Puerto Rico also has a league, but it seems to only have four teams and I don’t follow them that closely.

So there you go! There’s no reason to go without baseball this “offseason”. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going back to watching Licey take on the Toros del Este in the Dominican League.