News from Nowhere for this Tuesday debate night

Just wanted to get this News from Nowhere post out of the way with all the news I really care about in the world today. 


First, the big Fox Business GOP debate goes tonight. Hence, this picture of an elephant with stars on it. This event ought to be make or break for the usual people (ie. Jeb Bush). Hope this debate goes better than that other debate did on the other business channel.

Second, the belief is it was a bomb that caused that Russian airliner to go down in Egypt.

Third, this is a big time for news about Russia. The latest thing that this country is in trouble over is their doping of athletes for the Olympics.

In poker, the WSOP Main Event is now down to three people: Joe McKeehen, Neil Blumenfield and Josh Beckley. Cards in the air tonight at 6pm Pacific time in Las Vegas. Live updates here.

(Update: McKeehen won. He collects a cool $7.7 million dollars for his effort.)

And in junior hockey news, the Flint Firebirds have embarrassed not just themselves but also the entire OHL and CHL. The entire team quit the other day, because the team owner fired the entire coaching staff because his son didn’t get enough ice time! 

This is the sort of meddling worthy of a Pee Wee or Atom level hockey team, but this is supposed to be the OHL!! Embarrassing.

I guess the situation there is resolved now, but not before delivering a big black eye to junior hockey, something it doesn’t need. 

That’s it for me, later tonight I head off to the Civic Centre for the Battlefords versus Melfort in the SJHL.