Another bad box office: Sandra Bullock goes down with the Our Brand is Crisis ship


It was another losing weekend at the box office. People are acting all surprised, but this is actually normal. September and October are never known for huge business at the cinemas. 

Still, many people thought Sandra Bullock’s latest, Our Brand is Crisis, would do much better than eighth place and $3.4 million this weekend. The Oct. 30 haul of $1.1 million was Bullock’s worst Friday haul ever. Another new release, Burnt, finished fifth at a little over $5 million. 

I am not surprised Our Brand is Crisis flopped. It was another one of these “political” movies, set in Bolivia, with Bullock playing a political consultant. 

Quite honestly, everyone is sick of politics and politicians. Want proof? Here’s proof. According to the polls, the two people currently leading the GOP field for President are (a) Ben Carson and (b) Donald Trump! 

Some will rant that Americans are sick of the liberals in Hollywood, but I think it runs deeper than that. In general, Americans are fed up with politics, and politicians, and political correctness, and with liberals and conservatives, and with Democrats and Republicans. And right now they are being inundated with it — from CNN, from Fox News, even from CNBC. Quite honestly, I think the public has reached its limit and have no desire to see any of this political nonsense at the cinemas, too. So that is why Our Brand is Crisis tanked. My opinion.

In the end, Box Office Mojo has reported this is the worst weekend of 2015, as a haul of only $11.4 million was enough for The Martian to finish first yet again. 

This run in first place is sure to end, though, as Spectre and The Peanuts Movie open this Friday. This coming weekend is sure to be huge. And if you ask me, this is one reason why these other movies have been tanking lately. 

People are saving their money and waiting for the big movies, the blockbuster pictures, to arrive in November. That’s what I have been doing, and too bad for Sandra Bullock.