It sounds like the big losers of last night’s GOP debate were CNBC — and the media

I did not watch last night’s Republican presidential debate, I could not find a feed of it online and was too interested in the NBA anyway. Still, it sounds like this CNBC debate last night was a gong show, with the moderators losing control and candidates talking over one another, and a lot of inane and irrelevant questions being asked. 

Gov. Chris Christie was particularly livid that a question was even asked about government regulation of Daily Fantasy Sports, of all things. (You know, I sort of agree with Christie here. The government really should be more concerned with ISIS than with Fantasy Football.) According to reports, the general feeling from the crowd and candidates was that the moderators were hostile

And of course, the candidates took their opportunity to attack the media. The RNC even took the time to blast the debate. 

Don’t expect the GOP to do any more debates on CNBC any time soon after this debacle.

Update: here is some more debate piling-on by Fox News.