Pretty compelling post on why you shouldn’t live in New York City


More and more, I have been getting the urge to return to big city life again one day. I guess all this baseball-watching has gotten to me and made me realize that I miss living in a city where you are a subway ride away from watching a Major League Baseball game.

Sometimes, I get to thinking and come to the conclusion it would be fun and exciting to live in a place like New York City. 

The center of finance! The center of advertising! Home to not one but two Major League Baseball teams, one of which is currently in the World Series (and it isn’t the Yankees).

For any media career goals I might have, New York would seem like a good fit for me. But in other ways it’s a terrible fit, the media field is a ratrace there and the cost of living seems like a big-time minus. 

But if you really want to convince yourself not to live there, all you need to do is read Gavin McInnes‘ piece at The Rebel on how terrible New York is to disabuse yourself of that notion. “The men are dicks! The women are vapid! It’s rat and roach infested!” 

Personally, I have no issue with New York the city. The main thing for me is the place is so horribly, horribly expensive, and the taxes are absolutely through the roof. Plus, the traffic is terrible.

The thing is there are a lot of other places in the USA and elsewhere that offer the big-city advantages New York has (major league sports, fancy restaurants, shopping, etc.), but with nicer people, better career opportunities, better living conditions, less traffic and far less taxes. 

Take Vancouver, for example. They have — wait a minute, it’s even more expensive to live than New York City. Plus, it’s in the quake zone. And the nearest MLB team is in Seattle!

Okay, maybe scratch Vancouver, but there are lots of possibilities out there.