Bart Simpson, meet Miss Universe! Pageant moves to Fox this December

It was announced today that FOX has picked up the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. And to show you how out of the loop I have been lately on this, I didn’t even know that Donald Trump had sold the pageant to IMG back in September. 

This explains why these pageants were able to get back on network television so quickly. Of course, the most recent Miss USA pageant ended up on Reelz Channel this year after Trump’s anti-Mexico comments caused such a furore and got both the Miss USA and Miss Universe telecasts kicked off of NBC.

I wonder whether this might also mean that some of the Latin American countries, these ones who said they were going to pull out of Miss Universe because of Trump, are going to come back now. Anyway, it’s good to see this pageant back on its feet.

Also, I notice it’s being held in Las Vegas in December!! Hey, here’s an idea: maybe I could head down there for a winter getaway vacation just in time for the Miss Universe pageant. I might get to see the beautiful Miss Universe contestants out and about, or even get some autographs. Who knows.