Look out, Puerto Vallarta! Hurricane Patricia potentially the strongest hurricane ever!

We have heard of El Niño producing a milder winter in Canada than usual. Well, that’s good, because it looks like we will not be going to Puerto Vallarta for a winter getaway vacation this year. And it’s not just because we can’t afford it because our dollar is so low right now.

Cat. 5 Hurricane Patricia is coming in from the Pacific and is all ready to sock Puerto Vallarta and the rest of the state of Jalisco. It’s expected to make landfall tonight, and the full impact is expected by tomorrow. 

Winds have been clocked at 200 mph. It is the strongest Pacific hurricane on record. Yikes!!

Of course, hurricanes are nothing new to resort communities in Mexico. Cancun has been hit before by hurricanes, and last year it was Los Cabos who got hit. Of course, Los Cabos managed to clean up pretty quickly, but it still made a huge mess and made for a difficult time getting tourists out of there. But those weren’t Cat. 5 storms. This is!!!

Today, everyone in Puerto Vallarta is freaking out and the tourists are getting the H out of there. But Manzanillo is also under threat and the situation could end up being even worse for them. It really is looking like a scary situation for Mexico.

Anyway, this is all useful information in planning winter getaway vacations — or, for those in Canada, in planning not to have them. We’ll keep you updated.