Joe Biden is finally, definitely, not running for President

Well, it is confirmed now that Joe Biden is not running for President. Why did he wait this long, you are probably wondering? I think this was one of those “head says this, but heart says that” kind of situations.

I actually think he was likely leaning this direction all along for a host of reasons — personal family tragedy (death of his son) being the biggest one, along with reluctance to put his family through a campaign which would have been a difficult, uphill one in any event. I don’t think he was ever truly scared off by Hillary; I simply think these other factors were holding him back.

But dreams die hard, and when you have spent your entire life with this ambition to one day be President, as Biden has, your gut instinct is to want to keep the door open. I think he really, really agonized over this decision.

So that’s why it took all this time for Biden to finally say no, and that is my theory and I am sticking to it.

Incidentally, I still laugh at everyone who insists the 78-day Canadian election campaign was somehow a long “marathon”. You want a real “marathon”? This US presidential race still has more than 12 months to go!