MLS playoffs are coming and all three Canadian teams are in the playoffs!

Well, it has really been a big year for sports fans in Canada in all the major sports. 

Not only is Blue Jays fever still gripping all of Canada, but here is an item that has been lost in the shuffle — all three of Canada’s teams in Major League Soccer have made it to the playoffs. Vancouver Whitecaps, Montreal Impact, and yes, even perennially hapless Toronto FC. 

In fact, FC clinched their playoff spot on the same day that Jose Bautista was famously flipping his bat after his home run, so the news kind of got lost in the shuffle. Still, this is great news for soccer in this country. And it means that after the Blue Jays run is over there is still more postseason excitement to come our way in frozen Canada. 

The big problem, of course, is the usual one of “what does this mean to the Canadian Football League?” Having MLS playoff fever grip these three major markets in Canada is bad news for all their local CFL competition who have enough problems getting attention as it is. And of course, Toronto still has MLB to contend with.

Even worse is the Toronto Argonauts keep on getting kicked out of the Rogers Centre due to the Blue Jays playoff run — and I don’t understand it one bit. The Argos had to play their home game yesterday in Hamilton, but the fact is the Blue Jays weren’t even at home! They were in Kansas City! And the Jays could be done completely by the time the Oct. 23 date comes around, yet the Argos are being kicked out anyway.

Couldn’t Rogers Centre have found some way to have that field ready in time? I don’t get it!