Canada on the brink of another “Prime Minister Trudeau”, and more News from Nowhere


Welcome to an Election Eve edition of News from Nowhere. Yes, like most people I am glad the election is coming to a close tomorrow, because finally I might be able to relax a little afterwards.

It increasingly looks like Canada could be in store for a change in government tomorrow with Justin Trudeau and the Liberals ahead in most of the major polls. Of course, election polls have become increasingly unreliable as the folks in the UK found out, and as folks in Israel also found out during their election.

But I do believe there is an undercurrent out there. All these latest Liberal TV ads seem to be doing a number of the Conservatives. The latest one featuring Hazel McCallion was particularly funny. “Stephen, do I look scared to you?”

Beyond that, voters just seem fed up with Stephen Harper and the Tories, and it’s all because of their style of government. It seems like people think this government is all about “politics” and “partisanship”, and about getting every political advantage for themselves over their opponents.

What boggles my mind is that this Conservative government has a pretty good record on a lot of things. They have kept taxes low, have finally balanced the books and done a far better job in managing the economy than any other Western democracy did during this Great Recession. And they’ve taken principled stands against ISIS, and against the Russians on the Ukraine. 

People ought to be hailing the Tories as heroes! But they aren’t, and as I said before, it’s because people don’t like Harper’s style and don’t like the way the Conservatives play politics. And of course, there’s the Senate and what has gone on there. Still, it boggles the mind that Trudeau is promising to run deficits and that people now say they support that, after spending years harping on Harper over deficits. 

Also, a lot of newspaper endorsements seem to be endorsing the Tories, but I question whether they will sway voters at all, because all those newspaper endorsements did nothing to save Jim Prentice in Alberta’s election this year.

Anyway, that is my read on the situation. I am convinced we are going to get “Prime Minister Trudeau” on Monday — at least a minority government, maybe a majority if the NDP freefall gets to be any worse than it is. But we’ll see. 

Here is my last local election story before the vote. I’ll be busy Monday night with election coverage but I might post something at this blog when I get a chance to.

Also, might I add there seems to be a new political party running in the election called “the CBC”. Lots of lawn signs popping up that say they support the CBC.


Other news from the world:

Most of the news this week is from the Unfun States of America, which continues its war on fun at a fast clip. 

Just this week, Nevada announced a ban on unlicensed Daily Fantasy Sports sites in their state – FanDuel, DraftKings etc. – and you won’t guess why. The reason? Because they consider these to be gambling sites.

Folks, you read it right. Nevada is cracking down on gambling

Honestly, this makes absolutely no sense. The world keeps getting stranger.

In other strange news, here’s more on the fallout from that wacky decision by Playboy this week to drop the nudity in their magazine. It continues to provoke reaction. Former Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy, a woman not known for being bashful, declared this week she would be willing to do the last nude pictorial in Playboy ever.

However, McCarthy won’t be the last in any event, because many of Playboy’s international editions are not going along with this move. Among the editions who say they are keeping the nudity are Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina, Venezuela, and Mexico. 

Mexico?! Time to go there, clearly, as there is no fun to be had anymore in the Uptight States of America. 

Lost in the shuffle is news that Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke was named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive. Of course, Clarke is not known for being bashful, either, appearing on that notoriously scantily-clad HBO show.

In other magazine news, it sounds like Maxim is having problems, they are doing a redesign again and have cut their base rate. Clearly, desperation moves such as putting guys on the cover aren’t working over there. 

They’ve apparently gone back to doing covers with gorgeous women such as the stylish and sexy Lea Seydoux. That’s more like it.

Speaking of desperate times, here’s another story about another iconic American brand: McDonald’s. Lots of worry from the franchisees about the brand being in “terminal decline” and this being the “end of days”. And so on.

That’s funny — everyone I talk to around here doesn’t believe McDonald’s is in trouble for one second, because they are everywhere. 

But Woolworth’s used to be everywhere, too. So if it could happen to Woolworth’s it could happen to anyone, including McDonald’s.

I do think there are probably too many McDonald’s. Also, the general perception in the USA is that their food is just too unhealthy, and that has caught up to them. They need to do something different, for sure. The way America is going, the edict from head office could come soon to eliminate all hamburgers from the menu! Bye bye, Big Mac. 

I’m joking, I think.

In other USA news, everyone is wondering whether or not Joe Biden is ever going to make a decision on whether to run for President. That decision could come soon. Or not. 

And the sad news of the week was about former NBA player Lamar Odom who was found unconscious and was in a coma, but now seems to be improving.

That is it for the moment.