Roundup of election stories with a week left

We are one week away from the Oct. 19 Election Day — a fact you are reminded of whenever you watch any big sporting event on TV. They are loaded with political commercials such as the Conservatives’ “Just not ready” ads targeting Justin Trudeau, countered by Trudeau’s “ready” ads, countered by ads with smiling Tom Mulcair of the NDP trying to sell you on what he’s selling.

In fact, I understand Mulcair was in Saskatoon today, just a few days after Prime Minister Stephen Harper paid a visit. Saskatoon is certainly a battleground, as usual.

I thought I would put up a bunch of my stories I’ve done from the Battlefords-Lloydminster riding from the last few weeks. After a very slow start, the race has gotten really interesting — though perhaps not for good reasons (!). We have seen candidates dropping out, and even an Independent dropping into this race. The election forums have been something else, too, with booing, apologies, you name it.

So here are those stories.

First, my story on ex-MP Doug Anguish entering the race as an independent.

Next, my story on NDP candidate Sandra Arias quitting the race for financial reasons, to be replaced by Glenn Tait

My story on the North Battleford all-candidates’ forum, which saw insults, boos, you name it. Plus, here’s a story on the candidates’ reaction.

Then I did a story on the Lloydminster forum last Wednesday. 

Plus, a story on a couple of local campaign events from the NDP and the Conservatives a day later — an NDP office opening and a Conservative fundraiser luncheon in which Gerry Ritz gave a speech. In the interest of fairness, I also included quotes from the other candidates at the Lloydminster forum the day earlier.

Also, I coordinated efforts at the paper to set up the all-candidates pages in the Regional Optimist. Those have been running for a couple of weeks and the last one featuring submissions from the main candidates will run on Thursday.

Advance polls have been going this weekend across Canada, and many  Canadians have already gone out and voted. It should be another hectic week on the campaign trail — hopefully, I’ll be able to survive until Election Day, which promises to be another late night. Thanksgiving Day today has proved to be a much-needed day off, given my schedule as of late.