Lots to celebrate on this Day 162 of the baseball season!

This is the final day of the Major League Baseball regular season, and I am spending the day tuning in to all the games going on simultaneously this afternoon. This happens to be Fan Appreciation Weekend which means MLB is providing live free TV streams from all the ballparks for their At Bat subscribers. So that means I am able to tune in the Houston-Arizona game and the LA Angels-Texas game at once. These games both have playoff implications. 

As for the AL East winning Toronto Blue Jays, who need to find out who they play next, I have a few rants. 

  • First of all, there was actually a big controversy in this country about the Blue Jays having a big champagne celebration of their division title! Canadians are all offended that the Blue Jays were celebrating the division title down in Baltimore, when they should really be saving it up for the World Series. These folks seem to want baseball players to act like hockey players, who never celebrate when they win a conference title and who in fact refuse to touch the trophy because it isn’t the Stanley Cup! Canada, deal with it — this is baseball, not hockey, and in baseball people celebrate division titles in a 162-game season. It’s what makes baseball great. And trust me, when the Blue Jays win the World Series the celebration will be even wilder. So that is my comment there.
  • Second, I notice people here are all hung up about the Blue Jays resting their veterans instead of going all gung-ho for home field in the AL title game. Folks, calm down, this isn’t football or basketball where playing at home in the playoffs means a lot more. Besides, it may not matter who has home field in the end because the series could end before a Game 7 anyway. When you look at the Blue Jays history, they have only made it to a deciding game in the playoffs once — in 1985, they were home for game 7 against Kansas City. And of course, they lost. So that underscores my point about how home field doesn’t matter. But if the Blue Jays do lose game seven to the Royals, look for the complainers to point to what happened on the final weekend in Tampa Bay and use that as their excuse to complain.
  • Finally, I have to rant and rave about the lousy coverage of the Blue Jays winning the division title from our local sports folks in Saskatchewan. Granted, some people were mentioning it, but in general I’m not happy! I was looking at all these Saskatchewan sports blogs on Thursday, and they buried the story of the Blue Jays winning their division title! But of course, they had plenty of the usual hype we have come to expect for the losing Roughriders — even though lots of local fans have totally given up on the Riders by now and are buying and wearing Blue Jays merchandise en masse.
  • I personally suspect resentment from these local sports folks about the winning Blue Jays stealing away attention from their beloved Roughriders, “Canada’s Team”. That’s my theory on why these folks are barely acknowledging the Blue Jays’ existence — they are all resentful about the Blue Jays stomping all over their meal ticket the CFL and stealing all the league’s fans away.
  • This general local non-interest in a big moment in Canadian baseball history just adds to my frustration as a sports fan in this province, and especially as a baseball fan. It really makes you feel like you’re living in the boondocks! Anyway, that is it for the moment.