Carl’s Jr. does it again! Their very politically incorrect Tex-Mex Burger ad is another instant classic!

Once again, the ad folks for Carl’s Jr. have come up with yet another classic politically-incorrect commercial to rustle the feathers of all the usual uptight people. This time, they have not only infuriated all the usual feminists and socialist-type people that they usually infuriate with their “sexism”, but also the Republicans and the anti-immigration folks, with this instant-classic ad for their Tex-Mex bacon thickburger! 

In this commercial, it features gorgeous bikini-clad supermodels playing volleyball over a fence at the Mexican border. Funny stuff. 

According to People, the models include Elle Evans, Bryana Holly and Ashley Alexander playing for Team Tex, and Kara Del Toro, Alejandra Guilmant and Brittny Ward for Team Mex — but I thought Ward was an American?! 

Now, of course, people north of the Mexican border are all up in arms claiming this ad “sexualizes” the important issue of Mexican immigration. Carl’s Jr. is claiming the ad is simply sexy and not about politics. Right!!

I personally think it’s fun, and funny. I think its whole point is to poke fun at these people who are getting too worked up about Mexico and the immigration issue, and maybe take them down a notch. 

The real message: people are getting way too wound up over Mexico and about walls-at-the-border. Everyone needs to chill out, because this outrage directed at Mexico is getting to be over the top. Time to relax and eat some burgers.