Soccer fans have no sympathy for the hopelessly politically incorrect Sepp Blatter

In world soccer news, criminal proceedings have been opened by the Swiss against disgraced FIFA boss Sepp Blatter. 

Let me tell you, most fans will be very, very happy to see him go to jail.

He is notorious not only for all the corruption allowed to go on at FIFA under his watch, but also for all his Blatter-isms — such as his controversial and politically-incorrect suggestion years ago that female soccer players should wear tighter shorts to boost the popularity of the game.

Blatter clearly had this retro image of Raquel Welch on the brain when he said what he said.

Sorry, folks! I just couldn’t resist poking fun again at our easily-offended politically-correct times we live in — and at the hilarious Sepp Blatter, for that matter, with his 70s-era ideas for improving soccer.