The latest target of the PC-police: the “Kiss Cam” at football games!!

You know that political correctness is absolutely, completely out of control in the Upset States of America when you see a ridiculous story like this next one. 

In particular, it is out of control on college campuses and this is a perfect example. According to this story at Fox News, people at Syracuse University want to end the “Kiss Cam” at the football games — you know, where they show video on the Jumbotron of couples in the stadium, encouraging them to kiss and so on. 

Well, now there’s been a complaint about it at Syracuse, and they want to get rid of it because people are afraid it is promoting sexual violence and unwanted sexual advances on women. 

My friends, this is what life has been reduced to in the Uptight States. 

People have nothing better to do down there than lodge complaints about good old harmless fun, such as “kiss cams” at football games! Seriously, America, get a grip. Grab some humor.