Weekend update: NFL and “the Chase” is on, plus I’m through with the Riders.

This has been a work weekend so I have been out covering the local events for the past couple of days and filing pictures and stories. My work is pretty much done for the weekend, so that means I am now tuning in the NFL as well as the NASCAR “Chase” which is now on. It’s a pretty brazen move by NASCAR to put their product up against the mighty National Football League, but they manage. 

While watching that, I have been looking for audio streams for these NFL teams and had been listening online to the Buccaneers and Dolphins radio networks. The thing I like about football from Florida is that folks there are totally into football and the NFL. Reminds me of the passion fans have here on the prairie for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Despite all the teams’ troubles, the fans still show up. Wish it were that way all over Canada, but it isn’t.

As an aside — I am done, absolutely done, with the Riders this season. 

Last night the Riders managed to call a timeout that they didn’t actually want to call to begin with, allowing quarterback Henry Burris time to lead his team down the field to get the winning field goal in a 30-27 Ottawa win. 

This was in spite of a decent enough start by quarterback Kevin Glenn. So now the Riders are 1-11 with six games to go in the season, and with Zach Collaros out injured in Hamilton all the talk now is about how the Riders might officially throw in the towel and trade Glenn over there. 

The way things are going, this is shaping up as possibly the worst season in franchise history. This has certainly been the worst I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and I’ve endured no shortage of terrible Roughrider teams. 

While the team is not yet officially eliminated the next six games are shaping up as meaningless contests for the Riders, for the most part. Makes me nostalgic about the old days when Roughriders teams routinely played nothing games late in the season every year.

Let me tell you, the Riders are really making it easy for me to concentrate on all the other sports going on right now. 

As for me, I didn’t even tune in most of this CFL game on Saturday night. Instead of tuning in the Riders, I mainly followed the SJHL Battlefords North Stars game versus the Kindersley Klippers. This was job-related, as I was writing up the story on the weekend series between the two teams during this opening weekend of the SJHL hockey season.

In fact, it’s just two games into their regular season and the North Stars have more wins than the Riders have all year.

Can I add a comment on the weather? It has been beautiful this weekend, and while it is expected to cool down, this overall El Niño weather pattern looks like it will benefit this area for several weeks. Yet the local football fans aren’t getting a chance to enjoy it. This is September, supposedly the heart of football season, yet these loyal Saskatchewan fans who have shelled out their hard-earned money for Riders football are being reduced to watching a bunch of absolute nothing games coming up. Rider Nation deserves better.