I agree with Grantland: this is the worst fall TV lineup ever!!


It’s “the Fall”, which in past years usually meant an excited trip by myself to the convenience store to buy the TV Guide Fall Preview edition. 

But I am long since past that. This has got to be the least interesting start to a new network TV season in years. This current lineup of shows is a mess, and it isn’t even worth buying TV Guide to preview this tedium. 

As this Grantland article points out, the four major nets are clearly not even trying anymore. (Actually, there are five nets, but the CW hasn’t been trying, either.) Writer Andy Greenwald is calling this fall’s TV lineup the “sorriest collection of recycled ideas, neutered groupthink, and depressing mediocrity I have ever seen.”

What is there to say about a lineup that includes (a) Supergirl, and (b) The Muppets?! And worse yet, these two retread ideas are really about the only two shows I care about in this whole schedule! That says it all.