Miss Georgia is Miss America, and Vanessa Williams gets an apology on live TV

The Miss America crown goes to beautiful Betty Cantrell, Miss Georgia! So in the 95th year of Miss America, the pageant has indeed reverted back to tradition — the Southern belle wins the Crown again. 

Yet it seems to me this winner doesn’t look like your traditional Miss America. Her look struck me as more typical of a Miss USA, with her long brunette hair and her ability to rock a bikini. She reminds me more of Olivia Culpo than of Phyllis George or Mary Ann Mobley.

Anyway, I think Betty Cantrell could have taken down the Miss USA crown, too, but Miss America’s scholarship money is better anyway. 

Wow, I sound like I should have been judging this event. Did anyone else notice Kevin O’Leary was one of the judges? How did he get that gig?!

Cantrell won in spite of her interview response that she thought Tom Brady definitely cheated in Deflategate. So obviously that didn’t prove to be a problem for the judges, most of whom probably hate the Patriots, too. 

As for the other candidates, I notice the conservative media was whining about Miss South Carolina getting shafted because of her pro-gun response, but everything is about politics with these people. 

As for Vanessa Williams, she sang a song and then got a big apology on live TV from the pageant for having to go through all that resignation nonsense from 1984. 

I’ve said for a long time that Williams got an absolute raw deal with that resignation because (a) it was all Bob Guccione’s fault that those naked photos of her ended up in Penthouse, and (b) even by posing for them, she did nothing wrong anyway. 

But times have changed. These days, everyone is getting naked on Game of Thrones and on Instagram and everywhere else. Heck, it’s gotten to the point that nobody even bats an eyelid that the pageant’s co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet has posed for Playboy twice! 

If this pageant was okay with hiring Brooke Burke-Charvet as co-host, they had to make things right with Vanessa Williams. Otherwise, they would look like hypocrites. 

No doubt, her singing on the Atlantic City Convention Center stage runway and the big apology that followed will be the climactic scene of the inevitable Vanessa Williams biopic from Hollywood. 

I’m glad to see this pageant welcome her back. When you think of it, this was sort of their Pete Rose moment. At least the Miss America Organization has settled things with Vanessa; major league baseball still hasn’t figured out what to do with Pete.