“There she is!” song returns to Miss America Pageant this weekend!

This Sunday night on ABC is the Miss America Pageant — about the only pageant that matters in the USA now after Donald Trump’s spouting off about Mexicans landed both of his Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants into cable-TV oblivion. 

Anyway, it turns out the famed “There she is, Miss America” song, made famous by former host Bert Parks when the winner would receive her crown and do her walk down the runwayhas also been in oblivion for the last few pageants. I guess it fell victim to another one of these legal disputes. But this weekend it is coming back as part of the pageant’s 95th anniversary. 

Also coming back is former Miss America Vanessa Williams as one of the judges, which is unbelievable after the absolutely shabby way the pageant organization treated her, making her walk the plank back three decades ago. But I guess times change.

May I also point out the pageant is, like last year, in its traditional home of Atlantic City — and not Las Vegas where it was held for a number of years. Some traditions simply don’t need to change.