Today’s News from Nowhere sorts through the post-Labour Day rubbish

Welcome again to News from Nowhere, and we are back to business again as fall approaches and work picks up. 

It looks like I will be on double-duty soon. Just like with all those “interim” folks in charge of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, I expect I will once again be taking on the “interim” Sports Reporter tag later this month at the paper. 

Which is fine, since in my duties as a political reporter nothing has been happening here, even with a full-blown federal election on.

Such is life in this safe Conservative seat, although if the current poll numbers are true, things could yet change. I could be covering local rallies for Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau in no time if the bad Tory numbers get any worse. 

The campaign for Stephen Harper has been getting no traction at all lately. The latest political problem for him: dealing with the migrant crisis overseas. And this was just after all that Mike Duffy trial nonsense in August. Now there’s word the Tories have kicked out a couple of candidates in Toronto.

Still, around here nothing much is happening yet. I also did up a bit of a riding profile for Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek, over to the east, which doesn’t seem to have much of a race going on there either, at the moment. All in all, I feel rather disconnected from this entire election. 

On a related note I recently stumbled over a piece from a few weeks ago by Norah O’Donnell of CBS News about how she got her job at Roll Call years ago, and this other piece about a former Capitol Hill staffer who recently got a job at CNN, and it all made me sort of wish I was covering politics for a living. Except, I already cover politics for a living! 

The real problem is I need to be around more interesting and newsworthy political folks — like Donald Trump. It’s never boring with him. 

While on the same topic, there is going to be a sixth Democratic contender in their Presidential race. 

So it’s now up to 23 Democratic and Republican contenders for President, and this isn’t even counting Joe Biden yet. And there is still 14 more months of campaigning ahead of us before the election. This, folks, is really ridiculous. Seriously, who else wants to be President?! 

(Update: Ahem. John McAfee says he is running for President.)

Other news, and to be honest there is not much that I feel like linking to today:

The Toronto International Film Festival begins this week! Here is a look back at 40 years! 

The first “Late Show” for Stephen Colbert on CBS is tonight.

The schedule is out today for the 2016 season of the National Lacrosse League. Go Rush!

And on the weekend, the Roughriders actually won a game.

That’s all I feel like posting for now.