Labour Day weekend is here. Time to relax one last time before the fall hits!

Well, it is here again, Labour Day weekend. A weekend of CFL and U.S. College football, U.S. Open tennis, MLB, and other stuff — including the UFC! But there is no MDA telethon this year of any kind, as I have pointed out before, so I may need to watch some old Jerry Lewis TV shows on YouTube to pass the time late Sunday night, just for nostalgic reasons.

For me personally, this weekend is a last chance to decompress before the stretch run of what has been a boring Canadian federal election campaign so far in my neck of the woods — although that could change if the polls show the Conservatives in any further trouble. As for the never ending American presidential race, I don’t think I’ll do a write up on that until after the long weekend. Maybe by then Donald Trump will have said something else to get people riled up again.

That is it! Time for some football!!