Latest dumb GOP idea: walls at the Cdn border!

I don’t feel like posting much tonight about the U.S. President race, but I do want to mention Scott Walker. As you know, his campaign is sinking as other campaigns rise to the top talking about putting up walls at the Mexican border and so on. 

Now Walker, governor of Wisconsin, has come up with a dumb idea of fencing off Canada. 

What a farce. What have the people of Canada ever done to the USA? We aren’t the ones coming in illegally, like at the other border. We just want to come in and spend our tourist dollars on sun belt destinations! I guess Scott Walker doesn’t care about improving the U.S. economy with ideas like that. 

If anyone should build a wall, it’s not the USA, but Canada — to keep the USA’s gun-crazed lunatics out of our country. Anyway, all this talk of “walls” is really annoying and distracting from the real issues.

At least some GOP politicians like Rand Paul have some sense, calling all this wall-building a stupid idea. Really, folks, if you are an American politician and your main worry is Canada, you really do have no business being in the White House. 

And as I write this there is big breaking news out of Riderville…