Storm news: Erika bearing down on Caribbean, threatening to become a hurricane

We are now well into Hurricane Season, and despite all those stories about how El Niño was going to mean a milder season, we are still getting these storms. 

Last night, Tropical Storm Erika started to hit populated areas down in the Caribbean, with Dominica getting badly hit. I happened to tune into live coverage of Erika on the Internet from Antigua, who had weather reports and also an all-night radio show simulcast covering the storm, but it looks like Antigua missed the worst of it. But other places in the Caribbean could still get hit.

The projected storm track could take this storm into Florida later this weekend, and this could still turn into a hurricane. I am posting this link to MyFoxHurricane which has the storm track and other information. It looks as if there is a lot of uncertainty yet as to where this tropical storm/hurricane is going to go. We’ll keep you posted.

Update: Puerto Rico is apparently threatened and you can watch their live storm coverage from Telemundo. Spanish only.