UFC Fight Night 74 was bizarre, to say the least

Well, I caved. At literally the very last minute, I shelled out the money to go to UFC Fight Night 74, and I’m glad I did. I decided that it would be hypocritical of me to continue to call myself a fight fan if I didn’t attend this UFC event live when I had the chance.

Besides, it’s good for your mental health to do things you enjoy doing — such as, in my case, watching the fights.

However, as Charles Oliveira found out in the main event against Max Holloway, it is not good for your health to actually be in the fights. 

In the very first round Oliveira ended up going down with what turned out to be a torn esophagus. It’s fair to say fans were just stunned by the sudden ending, they were wondering ‘what the heck is going on’?!

It was a strange way to end a fight, and it left everyone with a sour taste in their mouths seeing Oliveira carted off on a stretcher to the hospital. 

I know this sport can be vicious, but I saw just how gruesome it can get with my own eyes last night. Still, despite this, MMA is a safer sport than auto racing (and on that note, RIP Justin Wilson).

I plan a big writeup for the paper on this weekend’s activities in Saskatoon. Until then, here are some links: 

MMA Mania’s account of the fight night.

Also, Bloody Elbow’s play by play.

MMA Junkie reports on the Twitter reaction to Holloway’s injury TKO win.

Plus, the story on the attendance. Honestly, I cannot believe attendance for this wasn’t better than 7202, especially since we’re supposed to be this pay-per-view hotbed.

Finally, the local view from 650 CKOM.

That’s it!!!

UPDATE (Sept. 1): My first-person story for the News-Optimist about the fight weekend is now up.