I agree with Pam Anderson! This Baywatch movie is a bad idea!!

As I have said, making a movie out of an iconic TV show is seldom a good idea. It rarely works out well. It is especially a bad idea to make a movie based on an iconic so-bad-it’s-good TV show, which is exactly what Baywatch was in the Nineties. 

The reason people tuned into Baywatch was because it was mindless entertainment! You tuned in to check out the babes, or the hunks, whichever you preferred. Who cared about the plot, it was all about the gorgeous people! 

For me, the whole point of it was to check out the hotties like Carmen Electra and Gena Lee Nolin and Yasmine Bleeth, and of course, Pam Anderson. 

And there were others, too, but Pam stood out the most. When she left the show, believe me, it was over.

Anyway, if what Entertainment Weekly is reporting about this proposed Baywatch movie is true, it will be terrible. It’s going to include Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, and it sounds like it will be R-rated and nothing like the TV show. It looks like it’s going to be an action movie. As if that’s what we need from Hollywood!

Pam is saying the original Baywatch show belonged to “a simpler, sweeter time,” and you know what? She’s right! 

Nowadays, everyone’s all politically correct and all uptight, and any movie with women in swimsuits in it like Baywatch was in the Nineties will surely get all the uptight people riled up and marching in the streets, and venting on social media. 

Which is exactly why a Baywatch movie probably shouldn’t happen in 2015 — we are not living in carefree times. It’s too bad, but that’s the truth. The terrorists have won. That is all.