First Cecil the Lion, now hitchBOT. Human beings are horrible!!


All I have to say is that as I get older I am becoming more and more of a big softy when it comes to animals — especially lovable animals that don’t go around attacking and eating humans. 

Well, I have seen all the outrage over the “murder” of Cecil the Lion in Africa. I saw Jimmy Kimmel rant on TV about it and voice how disgusted he felt when it finally came to light that the killer was not a foreigner, but an American dentist. 

You know, this is terrible. 

Now I’m not against hunting per se, as long as it serves a purpose. It’s okay if you eat what you kill. That’s the law of the jungle, you eat the animals before they eat you. 

But this was a lion in Africa! Nobody was going to eat this lion, and this lion wasn’t going to eat human beings. This was a protected species minding its own business, and a bit of a celebrity at that! This dentist was just shooting it for sport to get a trophy head at the end of it. That’s what gets me about this whole situation — this wasn’t done for food, or to control the animal population, or to get rid of a predator that was eating your livestock, or for some higher purpose like that. It was just shot and killed for the heck of it. Just for fun. 

Anyway, that is why there is outrage today — there’s no respect being shown for the animals. I dunno, I’m beginning to sound like Bob Barker or someone like that, but this particular incident crossed the line for me. It was shameful.

Then this weekend we got the final proof that human beings are awful. I got an alert on my iPad with news that hitchBOT had been destroyed in Philadelphia. This news, my friends, makes me sick to my stomach.

HitchBOT was that loveable robot who hitchhiked cross-country across Canada and then went to Germany and travelled there, and now it was crisscrossing the United States. The whole idea behind hitchBOT was to find out how humans would interact with a hitchhiking robot — sort of a test of human nature.

The robot lasted two weeks in the USA only to be dismembered in Philly. My theory is that the punks who found hitchBOT probably had the notion of trading hitchBOT’s head in for quick cash at the local pawn shop. 

I’ve heard all about Philadelphia and its reputation for crime, and this incident just adds to it. This loveable robot should have gone to Minot, North Dakota or somewhere like that, where people would have treated it right. 

I hope this is not a permanent RIP to hitchBOT, I hope its “family” can somehow rebuild this thing. In any event, this answers the question, for now, to the question “can a robot trust human beings?” 

Maybe the real question, after what happened to hitchBOT and Cecil the Lion, is whether human beings can trust other human beings.