Knock knock! Who’s there? Nobody, because Ryan Seacrest has been cancelled! Summer TV cancellation news

Summer television is what it is, with lots of talent shows (America’s Got Talent), stupid competitions (American Ninja Warrior) and reality crap (Big Brother). And lots of reruns. It really is a wasteland. Nobody’s watching, especially now that the Bachelorette is done for the season. And now there’s news of some summer shows being cancelled.

One of the shows on NBC getting the boot is Welcome to Sweden, created by and starring Greg Poehler. I found it interesting because, like me, Poehler (Amy’s brother) has a law degree and was actually working as a lawyer in Sweden, only to chuck it all and go into comedy. I actually tuned in to this show a couple of weeks back, but apparently I was “one of the few.” This show got “craptastic ratings”, so it’s gone two weeks into its season. 

And then there is Ryan Seacrest and his FOX show Knock Knock Live, in which he shows up in some neighbourhood somewhere and knocks on a door and someone wins something. Well, nobody cared, so that show is over after two weeks. 

The good news is we have to endure summer programming for only another month and we’ll be into a new fall season.