Reports say the writ for the federal election could be dropped within days!


Unreal. Instead of waiting two or three more weeks, the reports are widespread that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is possibly going to call the election by Monday

Not that it matters a lot, the date will still be Oct.19 as per the election-date legislation. Still, this development ticks me off because this will be the second federal election in a row in which I’ll be off work when the writ is dropped. The last time it was due to injury, this time it’s due to a much needed vacation! It figures.

If it happens and the election writ is dropped, this will bring out all the usual complaints from all the usual opposition people about how the Tories are manipulating the rules so they can spend more money in the campaign. There will also be gripes, and lots of them, about how long the election is going to be and how terrible this is for Canada.

But really, the attacking has already begun and we are already getting these Justin “Just Not Ready” Trudeau attack ads all over our air. These are littering our TV screens regardless of whether we are officially in an election campaign or not. If this campaign is on, it’s on, so let’s just make it official and get on with it.

Besides, those people who complain that the campaign period will be too long really have no idea what they are talking about. Last year, the mayor’s race in Toronto lasted several months, for example. And look at our friends down in the United States and the lengths of their races. There are 21 people already campaigning flat-out right now to become President, and yet the election is not going to be held until November of next year!!!